In this amazing 2 hour class renowned speaker Marc Marchillo will show you what successful contractors are doing to be very successful regarding IAQ and how they are significantly increasing sales and service tickets, as well as increased close rates and higher service revenues.

•  How to be a Unique and Convincing contractor on a sales call 
•  How to expand your IAQ product offerings
•  How to effectively close the sale with larger tickets in the home
•  How to increase customer satisfaction and retention
•  How to significantly grow your Air Cleaner and Dehumidifier business
•  Learn about the 6,000,000+ foreign made dehumidifier recall situation
•  How to make money every year by never “selling” an Air Cleaner again
•  The training, tools, terms, and proven strategies to make you successful

Tue  June 13, 2017   4-6pm    Muskegon Johnstone Supply
Wed June 14, 2017  8-10am   Grand Rapids Johnstone Supply

There is no charge to this valuable training!

RSVP to Stacie at or call 231-777-2727 x1203