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Tax Credits & Utility Incentives

Federal and State Tax Credits & Utility Incentives for HVAC!!

TaxCreditsThese are exciting times for HVAC contractors because of new federal programs, local utilities and the state government offers big incentives for energy efficient systems. With the economy the way it is people need efficiency more than ever and credits will really make your equipment sales grow!

We have put together some information to help you understand the tax credits. Below are some important websites you will want to visit. Remember: always consult with a tax professional for details.

Johnstone Supply Disclaimer
Always refer to manufacturers specifications to ensure proper eligibility and correct system matchups. Johnstone Supply is not responsible for any damages or liability from improper application of available incentives whatsoever. Tax credits and incentives are subject to availability and offers may change at any time. Always consult a tax professional to determine eligibility of federal and state tax credits.