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JXI Cross Reference System

JXI Cross Reference System is Another Big Johnstone Advantage!

jxiJXI Infinity – Johnstone’s exclusive cross-referencing system – features over 16 million model-to-part references and 3.2 million part-to-part references. This constantly updated system helps us to quickly source your HVAC/R parts. It is unique to Johnstone Supply and is one of the reasons Johnstone is you best source.

The ulimate HVAC cross-reference system!In addition, Johnstone with over 365 locations nationwide has more direct OEM replacement parts lines than any other supply house.

Johnstone constantly strives to save you time running around (or calling) different sources. Call us today!

For more information contact us and have Johnstone Supply find a part for you!

Refrigerant Tank Exchange

Bring us your recovered refrigerant in any DOT 350 or 400 PSI tank and we’ll give you an empty tank in exchange on the spot.
HOW IT WORKS (prices subject to change without notice)
•Purchase an empty RC30, 30# tank. Return a full RC30 30# tank and receive a credit.
•Purchase an empty RC50, 50# tank. Return a full RC50 #50 tank and receive a credit.
•Purchase an empty RC125 125# tank. Return a full RC125 125# tank & receive a credit.

recoverytankSPECIAL NOTES

  1. Full tanks must be tagged with the type of refrigerant contained. If mixed, tag as “mixed”. (There is no charge for returning mixed refrigerant).
  2. Full 30# & 50# tanks in your inventory may be returned for the above credit if the tanks are rated 350 or 400 PSI, even if they are out of certification period.
  3. We cannot exchange 100# tanks, but we will pump them out at our Muskegon location and return them within 7 days, for a service charge.

*tanks must be within DOT certification period.

We will pay $ per pound for your reclaimed R22 refrigerant that is at least 99.5% or greater pure (check with your Johnstone branch for today’s price). This program only applies to our 30# (RC30) and 50# (RC50) tanks in our tank exchange program. Larger tanks and pumping services of your tanks are excluded. The reclaim company will test the purity of the returned R22 and report to us the tanks that meet the purity standard and the weight to be credited. Credits will be held until we have enough tanks to return and then will be issued based solely on the reclaim company’s findings. Prices subject to change without notice.

For more information, contact us.