Viessmann Boilers: High Efficiency Condensing Theory – (virtual zoom class)

March 08, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am - Virtual Classroom

This presentation will explore the theory behind gas fired condensing boilers. The following focus topics will be discussed: Heat make-up of natural gas combustion and how it relates to condensing boilers, natural gas – air mixture for the most efficient combustion, latent heat recovery as a product of combustion gas condensation, burner requirements including excess air control to increase boiler operation efficiency, and the relationship between return water temperature and condensing boiler efficiency. In addition, we will elaborate on condensing boiler’s heat exchanger materials and design requirements.

Learning Objectives
1.Explain the theory behind high efficiency operation and application of condensing boilers.
2.Describe the effects of excess air for combustion and efficiency aspects.
3.Explain the water temperature effect on condensing together with operation control strategy.
4.Explain the condensing boilers’ heat exchanger construction and importance of material selection.

Instructor is Jody Samuell from Viessmann Technical / Will earn 1PDH credit

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