Viega Radiant In-Floor Heating Installation Workshop – Grand Rapids

August 18, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm - Johnstone Grand Rapids

This is a new course designed for HVAC Technicians who want to learn to install radiant in-floor heating systems without cutting corners.

In this course we will show different methods of installing the Viega in-floor radiant heating system. Hands-on training will be utilized to develop the most practical radiant heating package available.
Participants will practice different installation techniques that include the proper use of staple guns, un-coilers, and best insulation practices.

Students in this class will install 5 different types of in-floor systems including:
• Staple-Up Plate Method
• Staple Down Foam for Overpour
• Climate Panel Radiant Panel System
• Rapid Grid Foam System
• Climate Track Subfloor Aluminum Panels

Class is limited to first 12 participants who sign up!

Includes:  study materials, class instruction, breakfast, lunch. 8:30 registration & breakfast.  $85pp

Location:  Johnstone Supply / 4757 Clyde Park SW / Grand Rapids, MI 49509

This event is full.

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