Practical Duct Busters: Challenging the Duct Sizing Myths & Practical Application of Duct Design

April 16, 2024 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm - Johnstone Lansing

TWO DAY Class on understanding how air moves through ducts and it’s improvement to the overall performance of the distribution system.

•What are the ingredients for a Quality HVAC installation?
•What is static Pressure and how does it relate to the size & air flow of the air distribution system? Understanding Total External Static Pressure Test (TESP). What system components use up static pressure?
•What tools are available to help the technician? Practical application & Measuring airflow to calculate accurate CFM.
•Lab measuring the actual CFM on a system. Static pressure method. Temperature rise method. Flow hood. Volumeter
•Equivalent Footage: Why does using the wrong fittings slow the air? Determine correct fittings for smooth airflow.
•Understanding and using an air duct calculator.
•Lab Introduction of the duct design project on a building drawing. Supply Duct Design. Return Duct Design.

•Further expanding on the use of a duct calculator
•Lab Continuation of the Duct design project from the first day. Consider duct design on longer than one hundred feet of duct or shorter duct.
•Solving Problems in existing ducts. Branch dampers
•Flexible Ductwork: Good? Bad? How does duct compression come into play? How do flex duct support and 90-degree bends come into play?
•Ovalizing Sheet Metal Ductwork. Will Oval duct conduct the same airflow as round without affecting static pressure?
•The effects of insulating or sealing your ducts.
•The effectiveness of an existing duct system. Trouble shooting duct systems. When replacing equipment, what should be considered?
•Does selection of evaporator coils on replacement equipment affect airflow?
•Post test.

Instructor: Mark Wood – Johnstone Supply Technical Trainer

Includes:  Study materials, duct calculator, 2-day class instruction, breakfast & lunch. 7:30am registration & breakfast.  $89pp/total for both days

Class Location: Johnstone Lansing / 3244 W Saint Joseph St / Lansing MI 48917

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