Duct Design 101 by Seal-Tite

June 10, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am - Virtual Classroom

Our standard duct design class has been adapted for our virtual classroom.  Join us as we dive into the important topic of duct design and system airflow


  • Understanding how air moves around corners and it’s relationship to the overall performance of the distribution system.
  • What is Static Pressure and how does it relate to the size and air flow of the air distribution system?
  • Equivalent Footage…why using the wrong fittings will slow the air.
  • How to determine correct fittings for smooth airflow.
  • Understanding and using an Air Duct Calculator.
  • Flexible Ductwork: Good? Bad? How does compression come into play?
  • Ovalizing Sheet Metal Ductwork. Will it handle the same airflow as round?
  • What are the effects of insulating your air distribution system?
  • What are the effects of sealing your air distribution system?

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