Michigan Boiler Installers Exam Prep Class

October 30, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 3:00 pm - Johnstone Grand Rapids

The class objective is to assist, by classroom instruction and examination, persons to be able to prepare to study for and pass the 1B & 2B State of Michigan Boiler Exam.  Will cover relative sections of the five manuals listed below. ASME section IV will cover construction, field assembly, hydrostatic test, controls-pressure-temperature, blow-down & blow-off, and CSD1 requirements for installation. Will also include boiler accident summary.  Practice exam included with discussion.

Michigan Boiler Law & Rules manual and All Trades Law (provided at class for you).   PURCHASE PRIOR TO CLASS:  ASME Code Section IV, 2010 (check online at www.techstreet.com.),  ASME CSD1 manual 2012 or later (check online at www.techstreet.com.), and NBIC Installer’s Section, 2011 (check online at www.nationalboard.org.)  Instructor: Michael Bates, licensed in several states, retired inspector with 40 yrs experience.  Lunch included.

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