BDR Pillars of HVAC Success: Becoming a Change Agent

March 15, 2022 - March 16, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm - Crossroads Grand Rapids

“This is a GREAT class that gives you a top level view of everything possible in your company. Helps get you re-excited about why you went into this crazy business and how to refuel your profits and growth!”

Class Description
The Pillars of HVAC Success is a workshop-based class that will show Owners and Managers the foundational building blocks for running a successful HVAC business and how to implement them. Each section is pinpoint-focused on identifying “what” they need to get done, “why” they need to do it, and helping them develop their personalized method for “how” to get it done.

Attendees will create step-by-step action plans throughout the class to:
•Successfully identify specific areas of your business to change and the steps to do so
•Price and sell jobs in order to reach breakeven quickly and generate more net profit
•Become a sales-driven company utilizing 3 essential strategies
•Eliminate callbacks that impact profitability and customer retention
•Strengthen and “profit-ize” your service department
•Fully utilize your existing labor resources
•Overcome obstacles that prevent your business growth

Class Mission:
•Becoming a change agent in your business (starting and sustaining new business initiatives)
•Comprehending financial information (balance sheet, P&L, key metrics)
•The 3 essential strategies in sales (upsell, accessories, financing)
•Priming your business for growth (structure and the business walls)
•Understanding profitability (pricing a job, breakeven, gross profit per man day)
•Discovering the profit potential in service (flat rate, dispatching, truck stock, accessories)
•The fundamentals of managing labor resources (installation, service, inventory)

Instructor:  Jeff Plant from BDR

Location:  Crossroads Conference Center in Grand Rapids / includes breakfast & lunch

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