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Name Position Branch
Barb Hall Data Specialist Muskegon
Brett Crowley Driver Muskegon
Brian Cihos Driver Muskegon
Bobby Gluc Driver Muskegon
Jesse Stewart Territory Manager Muskegon
Zack Hanson Warehouse Muskegon
Josh Kline Branch Manager Muskegon
Tim Usiak Counter Sales Muskegon
Randy Bleich Inside Sales Muskegon
Jorge Delhoyo Warehouse Muskegon
Cal Garbrecht President Muskegon
Tyler Carnes Counter Sales Muskegon
Robert Willard Technical Service Muskegon
Sheri Garbrecht Sheneman VP Operations Muskegon
Mark Poland Warehouse Muskegon
Karen Poland Marketing & Promotions Muskegon
Butch Lathrop Inventory Control Muskegon
Greg Geistel Warehouse Manager Muskegon
Mark Wilson Warehouse Muskegon
Tracy Farnquist Purchasing Manager Muskegon
Dennis Olsen Executive-Vice President Muskegon
John Barnett Programming Manager Muskegon
Nichole Schorejs Warranty Administrator Muskegon
Cheryl Hartman Sales & Extended Warranties Muskegon
Randy Grinwis Counter Sales Muskegon
Rudy Pineda Counter Sales Muskegon
Robert Peoples Marketing Specialist Muskegon
Scott Breimayer Technical Design Muskegon
Kristi Workman Accounts Payable/Receivable Muskegon
Chase Hunt Inside Sales Muskegon
Dan Hunt Inside Sales Muskegon
Josh Breimayer Purchasing Muskegon
Tim Phillips Warehouse Muskegon
James Start Warehouse Muskegon
Kyle Cloutier Warehouse Muskegon
Jason Lillmars Controller / Credit Manager Muskegon
Jordan Rudd Inside Sales Kalamazoo
Jason Guhl Inside Sales Kalamazoo
Jason Wilkins Territory Manager Kalamazoo
Rick Thompson Branch Manager Kalamazoo
Tom Verberg Driver Kalamazoo
Ray Stephenson Warehouse Kalamazoo
Gil Peake Warehouse Kalamazoo
Ryan Taylor Warehouse Kalamazoo
Anthony Christopher Warehouse Kalamazoo
Brian Lewis Territory Manager Holland
Tom Johnson VP Sales and Marketing Holland
Rob Gilson Branch Manager Holland
Jeff VanderPoppen Inside Sales Holland
Mark Nichols Mark Nichols Holland
Cole Eikey Territory Manager Holland
Tim Overbeek Technical Service Holland
Neda Holt IT Specialist Holland
Zach Gilson Warehouse Holland
Dallas Strong Commercial Sales Grand Rapids
Kevin Hastings Refrigeration Specialist Grand Rapids
George Savinsky Counter Sales Grand Rapids
Troy Adams Warehouse Grand Rapids
Marshall McBride Territory Manager Grand Rapids
Michael Engel Branch Manager Grand Rapids
Steve Styf Warehouse Grand Rapids
Eric Stubig Counter Sales Grand Rapids
Randy Barnes Technical Design Grand Rapids
Carlos Sanchez Technical Service Grand Rapids
Stacie Taylor Training / Receptionist Grand Rapids
Tyler Kaznowski Counter Sales Grand Rapids
Tom Leyder Technical Design Grand Rapids
Trini Zavala Warehouse Manager Grand Rapids
Jon Meulenberg Commercial Sales Grand Rapids
Luis Arevalo Driver Grand Rapids
Jeff Meehleder Sales Manager Grand Rapids
Craig Thompson Inside Sales Grand Rapids
Christian Reed Warehouse Grand Rapids
Stuart Colby Counter Sales Grand Rapids
Mingo Serrano Warehouse Grand Rapids
Jordan Reitsma Warehouse Grand Rapids
Brian Gurski Territory Manager Comstock Park
Doug Milholin Branch Manager Comstock Park
Eric Zavala Warehouse Comstock Park
Matt Behrens Inside Sales Comstock Park
Juan Berends Warehouse Comstock Park
John Darin Inside Sales Comstock Park
Skylar Kaczanowski Inside Sales Comstock Park
Todd Forner Technical Service & Design Comstock Park
Chris Thun Counter Sales Benton Harbor
Dave Brosco Branch Manager Benton Harbor
Cody Burtchett Warehouse Benton Harbor


Zack Hanson Warehouse
Tyler Carnes Counter Sales
Tracy Farnquist Purchasing Manager
Tim Usiak Counter Sales
Tim Phillips Warehouse
Sheri Garbrecht Sheneman VP Operations
Scott Breimayer Technical Design
Rudy Pineda Counter Sales
Robert Willard Technical Service
Robert Peoples Marketing Specialist
Randy Grinwis Counter Sales
Randy Bleich Inside Sales
Nichole Schorejs Warranty Administrator
Mark Wilson Warehouse
Mark Poland Warehouse
Kyle Cloutier Warehouse
Kristi Workman Accounts Payable/Receivable
Karen Poland Marketing & Promotions
Josh Kline Branch Manager
Josh Breimayer Purchasing
Jorge Delhoyo Warehouse
John Barnett Programming Manager
Jesse Stewart Territory Manager
Jason Lillmars Controller / Credit Manager
James Start Warehouse
Greg Geistel Warehouse Manager
Dennis Olsen Executive-Vice President
Dan Hunt Inside Sales
Cheryl Hartman Sales & Extended Warranties
Chase Hunt Inside Sales
Cal Garbrecht President
Butch Lathrop Inventory Control
Brian Cihos Driver
Brett Crowley Driver
Bobby Gluc Driver
Barb Hall Data Specialist

Grand Rapids

Tyler Kaznowski Counter Sales
Troy Adams Warehouse
Trini Zavala Warehouse Manager
Tom Leyder Technical Design
Stuart Colby Counter Sales
Steve Styf Warehouse
Stacie Taylor Training / Receptionist
Randy Barnes Technical Design
Mingo Serrano Warehouse
Michael Engel Branch Manager
Marshall McBride Territory Manager
Luis Arevalo Driver
Kevin Hastings Refrigeration Specialist
Jordan Reitsma Warehouse
Jon Meulenberg Commercial Sales
Jeff Meehleder Sales Manager
George Savinsky Counter Sales
Eric Stubig Counter Sales
Dallas Strong Commercial Sales
Craig Thompson Inside Sales
Christian Reed Warehouse
Carlos Sanchez Technical Service

Comstock Park

Todd Forner Technical Service & Design
Skylar Kaczanowski Inside Sales
Matt Behrens Inside Sales
Juan Berends Warehouse
John Darin Inside Sales
Eric Zavala Warehouse
Doug Milholin Branch Manager
Brian Gurski Territory Manager


Tom Verberg Driver
Ryan Taylor Warehouse
Rick Thompson Branch Manager
Ray Stephenson Warehouse
Jordan Rudd Inside Sales
Jason Wilkins Territory Manager
Jason Guhl Inside Sales
Gil Peake Warehouse
Anthony Christopher Warehouse


Zach Gilson Warehouse
Tom Johnson VP Sales and Marketing
Tim Overbeek Technical Service
Rob Gilson Branch Manager
Neda Holt IT Specialist
Mark Nichols Mark Nichols
Jeff VanderPoppen Inside Sales
Cole Eikey Territory Manager
Brian Lewis Territory Manager

Benton Harbor

Dave Brosco Branch Manager
Cody Burtchett Warehouse
Chris Thun Counter Sales